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Daryl Gove 500 Games!!!


Click here for the Grades’ Gazette Tribute to Daryl Gove. This coming Saturday, our first game, it is anticipated that Daryl Gove will be playing his 500th game of cricket.  Selflessly, Daryl has requested that selections be as normal, therefore we wait for the Captains to choose where he plays on Saturday, if at all!  LOL. 

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Grades Gazette: Panther Hidden Talents (Volume 1)


Dale “Boosh” Rogers This self proclaimed cricket tragic has a few cricket claims to fame has memorize every Australian test cricketer and can name their cap number. His obsession runs so deep that he once stalked Steve Waugh all the way to Jamaica.       Willie McKenzie Known as a quiet and polite man

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3 Favourites with Andrew Brown: Potato Chips


Credentials As you’d have noticed Browny is a life long chip connoisseur, it is said his seagull senses can even hear a packet opening if he’s at a Metallica concert. However times are tough since now he’s married and has a dietitian (aka wife) who has put a stop to his needless snacking. How to

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Missing Panther

Cameron “Dicko” Dickson has been missing since the night of the 2014 preliminary final. Local authorities say they were called out to a rowdy domestic disturbance in the Doncaster region called “the shed”. Authorities said they had to break up an argument between two men (pictured below) with the two bickering over who was better

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Grades Gazette: Panther NFL Team

Offensive Line Starting Quarterback Matthew Gurney As general manager I need to give my offensive co-ordinator versatility and options. This is why we’ll be starting Gurney as quarterback as he’s fast, tall and has good arm strength allowing us to run dual threat plays. Most importantly his monster ego (generally unhealthy) is an asset in

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